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09.17.2021 Pool Equipment – Finding Real Estate Below Ground
02.08.2021 A Negative Edge Pool in the Bahamas – Lessons Learned
01.21.2021 Equipment Bunkers – Form Follows Function
01.05.2021 The SRK Showroom Pool – Proof is in the Experience
10.05.2020 Cartridge Filters – What People Might Not Know
08.18.2020 Activated Glass Media – Better Than Sand for Perfect Filtration
07.15.2020 Systems Thinking – Why It’s Key to Designing Perfect Pool Water
06.03.2020 Remote Water Quality Monitoring – The Next Generation of Pool Care
05.27.2020 Aquatic Program Director Embraces SRK’s Approach to Clean Water – His Story
04.29.2020 Landscape Architects and Water Quality Professionals – Cooperation is Key
04.21.2020 Prevent Water Quality Problems – Without Excessive Use of Chemicals
03.03.2020 Water Purification – Mechanical vs. Chemical Methods
02.03.2020 Properly Treated Water Does Not Smell – The Nasty Truth About Airborne Contaminants
01.17.2020 Weatherproof Heated Work Tents – Off-Season Construction Made Easy
12.11.2019 Custom Tailor-Made Pools (by SRK)
11.07.2019 Avoiding Waterborne Illnesses – The Challenge for Professional Water Sports Athletes
11.05.2019 Guarding Health and Safety – Our Responsibility
10.22.2019 If You Need a Wedding Cake, Don’t Hire a Plumber – Trust the Experts
10.08.2019 Demanding Quality for Young Aquatic Athletes – A Community Initiative
09.12.2019 Indoor Air Quality – No Toxic Chemical Byproducts
07.19.2019 Technologies of the Pool Industry – Staying Ahead of the Curve
07.12.2019 Cryptosporidium (Crypto) Outbreaks Are Increasing – SRK’s Modern Solution
04.18.2019 Natural Swimming Pools – A Place in the Industry
04.11.2019 The Safe Use of Ozone in Water Treatment – Layers of Protection
04.05.2019 SRK Custom Water Systems VS Alternatives
03.15.2019 Book Published – The Water Quality Professional (2019)
03.07.2019 Water Related Safety Issues – And How to Address Them
02.07.2019 Water Quality Management – A Cross-Industry Challenge
01.24.2019 Marrying Advanced Technologies with Human Insight – The Magic Duo In Pool and Spa Care
01.03.2019 Water Quality Training – A Place in Our Children’s Education?
12.20.2018 Shared Commitments – Research, Innovation, and Adherence to the Strictest Quality Standards
12.06.2018 Advantages of Automatic Pool Covers
11.22.2018 Prevention and Preparation – Aims of Professional Water Quality Managers
11.01.2018 You Get What You Pay For – Why Investing in Superior Water Quality Systems and Management is Wise
09.27.2018 The Role of Skimmers In Pool Systems – Why They Need Careful Consideration
09.06.2018 Advanced Oxidation Processes – What Are They And Why Do They Matter?
08.30.2018 Avoiding Obsolescence – Intelligent Systems Design and Service Stay Relevant
08.23.2018 “Balanced Water” – What Does It Mean?
08.16.2018 Pool Surfaces – Why Repairs Can’t Wait
08.09.2018 Addressing Tile and Coping Repairs – An Urgent Matter
07.16.2018 Regarding Healthy Water – Ignorance Is Not Bliss
06.14.2018 The Argument Against Saltwater Pools
05.30.2018 Most Pools and Spas Are Contaminated – A Solution Exists
05.24.2018 Evaluating Return On Investment – The Value of Superior Water Quality
05.15.2018 Embracing Water Quality Education – SRK’s Company Culture
04.17.2018 Advancing Water Quality – Partnering with Like-Minded Professionals
04.10.2018 Sand Filtration – The Benefits
04.03.2018 Building and Designing Pools with Water Quality in Mind
03.28.2018 Chlorine’s True Role In Maintaining Water Quality
03.22.2018 Ultraviolet Water Treatment – The Case for Using UV
03.16.2018 Ozone (03) Technology – Underused and Misunderstood
03.07.2018 The Role of Technology in a Better Bathing Experience
02.23.2018 The “New” App – Remote System Monitoring
01.19.2018 Water Health – The Tipping Point in Commercial Pools
01.10.2018 Reliable Industry Information – One Great Example
10.26.2017 End Users – Their Feedback Is Key
10.25.2017 Automated Water Testing and Monitoring – The Benefits
10.10.2017 Facility Water Management – How SRK Can Help
09.25.2017 Perfect Water Quality for All – Idealism or Reality?
09.06.2017 What is a “Water Quality Manager”? – And Why Do We Need Them?
01.27.2017 Water Chemistry Basics – A New Approach
01.27.2017 Water Treatment Trailer – Offering Mobile Demos
01.27.2017 Hybrid Water Treatment – Mixing The New Tech with the Old
01.27.2017 SRK Pools – The Origin Story

the Water Geek


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