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Pool and Spa Renovations

Renovating your pool and/or spa is a great option when a cosmetic or structural update is desired. SRK provides homeowners with a report generated after testing and evaluating the basin and systems to determine the best course of action. Sometimes the solution is a simple repair or change of materials, and sometimes full replacement is needed. SRK will go over all the options so you can make the most appropriate decision for the long-term health and beauty of your pool.

Finished pool renovation. Pool renovation in progress.

Renovations and redesigns can include resurfacing, replacing filtration systems, or a total overhaul. We are equipped to handle projects of any size — and at any time of year.

Call now to schedule a report and book your renovation with SRK.


Benefits of Renovating

  • Upgrade to tile or stone
  • New patio and coping
  • Water system upgrades
  • More efficient heating
  • Autocovers and modern accessories
  • Advanced lighting options
  • Remote monitoring technology
  • Improved accessibility
  • Other custom design features
Renovating a pool by the beach in the Hamptons Collage of SRK Pools construction.