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Pool system in a bunker

SRK Custom Water Systems

SRK builds amazing pools, but even more impressive are the systems used to treat the water in those pools. Our 30-year obsession with creating perfect water has led us to develop a custom designed, modular water treatment system – one that yields the safest, best-feeling water available.

Being modular and scalable, our systems can be customized to solve any need or challenge. Filtration stages can be added or removed, or even enhanced to suit requirements. Every system we build is optimally configured and scaled to fit our clients’ needs and budgets.

The water quality we mention is not just an unquantifiable claim or a feeling – SRK water quality is confirmed, through certified testing, to far exceed the strictest industry safety standards – even those of the CDC.

"Institutional facilities to the simplest of backyard pools – SRK custom water systems produce the cleanest water in the industry."

What to Expect from an SRK System

  • No eye burning
  • No skin irritation
  • No scent or respiratory irritants
  • No algae blooms or bacterial overgrowth
  • No waterborne illness transmission
  • No draining + refilling necessary
  • Less maintenance requirements
  • SMART pool technologies
  • Real-time treatment + remote monitoring
  • Efficient + rapid heating
  • Robust, multi-step filtration
  • Soft, revitalizing, refreshing water
  • Water that far exceeds CDC health standards

Schedule a Demo

Try SRK water for yourself…

  1. Schedule to have our mobile filtration unit hooked to your pool system to temporarily convert your pool water to SRK water.
  2. Visit our private prototype pool located in East Hampton, New York.
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The Cleaning Cycle

Most of our custom water purification systems begin by filtering the water mechanically through activated glass medium or a similar, followed by a carefully balanced sequence of corona-discharge ozone generation, de-gassing, medium pressure UV sterilization, and advanced oxidation. Finally, after the water is heated to a perfect temperature, a tiny chlorine residual is added to protect against bather-to-bather contamination. The water then re-enters the pool or spa through a series of jets. SMART monitors precisely check water metrics at every step in the process and make adjustments along the way.

When we have the luxury of building a pool from ground up, we typically place the returns at the bottom of the pool so that circulation is more efficient. The treated and heated water re-enters the pool from the bottom and goes back through the system from the top. All of the water in the pool gets conditioned. In these cases there are no cold or unfiltered “dead spots” in the pool – ensuring that all the water is safe and comfortable all the time.

Custom Pool Systems Diagram

Key Benefits

Unmatched Safety

All of our custom systems feature a multi-step filtration process that targets all possible contaminants. Some of the technologies we use include activated glass media, ozone, ultraviolet light, advanced oxidation and trace amounts of chlorine. These treatments eliminate the threat of algae blooms and other illness-causing waterborne pathogens such as cryptosporidium and microsporidium. Additionally, the quantity and placement of water intakes and returns creates evenly distributed heat, chemistry and current throughout the pool, keeping the water healthy and fresh.

Much Less Chlorine

Using 95% less chlorine and fewer PH disrupting chemicals than standard treatment systems, our custom water systems cause no harm or irritation to skin, hair, lungs or eyes. That means our water is also less corrosive to pool finishes and fixtures. Minimal chlorine and the use of gentle secondary treatments ensures that chloramines (the chemicals responsible for the chlorine smell that burns the eyes and lungs) will not form.

Better “Feeling” Water

It’s actually been hard to put into words but SRK water has been described as “silky,” “artisanal,” “gourmet” and “alive.” Our systems produce water that feels consistently gentle, fresh, and smooth against the skin. Our systems also allow your water to maintain its oxygen, mineral content, and temperature – so it feels as rejuvenating as swimming in a natural spring. Our systems optimize subjective aspects of water like its clarity, scent, buoyancy, and current – delivering a bathing experience unlike any other.

No Draining or Refilling

Because our custom pools and spas are designed with such robust filtration, circulation, and skimming action, there is no need to replace the water every season. This means the maintenance time lost to draining, refilling and other seasonal services is significantly lessened compared with traditional pools and spas.

Remote Monitoring + Service

SMART technologies allow us to monitor your water remotely 24/7 and keep it fresh in real-time. With our optional remote monitoring service, you can have us track your water metrics around the clock and respond to changes immediately – right from our offices. Regardless of your pool or spa’s volume or fluctuations in occupancy, we can ensure consistently balanced water through remote monitoring and automated service.

Completely Customizeable

SRK custom modular water systems can be integrated into new pools or retrofitted into existing pools. Being modular and scalable, our systems can be customized to solve any need or challenge. Filtration stages can be added or removed, or even enhanced to suit requirements. Every system we build is optimally configured and scaled to fit our clients’ needs and budgets.