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Technologies of the Pool Industry – Staying Ahead of the Curve

There’s something terribly exciting about being ahead of the curve, out of the box, or on the cutting edge. Whichever adage you prefer, the idea is the same: thinking and acting differently from the status quo brings both thrills and risks. At Modern Pool Solutions, we wouldn’t want it any other way.   

The thrills for us come with the advent of our SRK HydroZone  water treatment technology, which we believe is the absolute best and most advanced water treatment system available for recreational aquatic settings. The risk is simply that there are slow adapters who don’t understand the technology and, like anything new, there are those who will seek to tear it down in favor of doing things in a more traditional way.  

That’s the nature of being a frontrunner. Truth be told, we believe it’s far more risky to resist change, because in the case of water treatment, we know without question that traditional methods do not always get the job done.  

The Need to Improve 

Our system was created precisely because we knew the aquatics industry needs better options. For example, we know that chlorine has dominated the swimming pool treatment market since the early part of the 20th century. That’s right, we’re talking about 100 years of chlorine use in pools.  

In that time, we’ve learned that while chlorine is an effective sanitizer and oxidizer, it has some serious dark sides. The formation of disinfection by-products, things like chloramines, chloroform, trihalomethanes, and many others, cause a spectrum of problems from eye irritation to cancer, potentially. They smell bad, taste bad, and make the water look dull and uninviting.  

Our system does away with all that by reducing the amount of chlorine to less than one part per million (ppm) and by constantly oxidizing any by-products that do form. The result is a level of water quality that is unattainable in a pool sanitized with chlorine only.  

Likewise, we know that chlorine doesn’t kill some harmful microorganisms, chiefly CryptosporidiumWe know that outbreaks are happening at an increasing rate and because of the absence of different approach to water treatment, one that kills crypto, we’re going to continue to see the increase in crypto cases continue to rise.  

And, there’s the inability of traditional methods to keep up with high bather demand. We developed the HydroZone 3 system to be robust and resilient. If a team of dusty Little Leaguers jumps into your pool, our system will step up the output of ozone and UV treatment to meet the challenge of increased bather load.  

HydroZone 3 pools do all that by deploying state-of-the-art ozone, UV, and chemical control technology. That treatment firepower is supported by hydraulically efficient circulation and chemical distribution, as well as upsized filtration, advanced monitoring, and automation technology among numerous other key elements.  

The bottom line is simply that we created these pools because somebody had to do it.  

Investing in Experience 

When our customers take the step into the future with HydroZone 3, they are investing in experience. These systems are not cheap, but our customers learn very quickly that the peace of mind, joy, and reliability of the superior water quality experience set their aquatic setting far apart from the rest.  

If you want to embrace the future of the aquatic experience, the opportunity is waiting for you with HydroZone 3. We know that some people simply like the idea of having the latest and greatest of everything. We also know that even greater numbers of homeowners and business owners want the very best for their family, friends, or customers.  

Whatever your reasoning for seeking the treatment technology of the future, you can take comfort in knowing that the future has already arrived. We invite you to learn more and perhaps come join us on the journey of aquatic perfection we have named HydroZone 3 

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