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Custom Tailor-Made Pools (by SRK)

Owning something no one else has can be so amazing and exciting. The phrase “one-of-a-kind” carries a mystique and implies unique value that feeds our ego and stokes our dreams. It says something about the person being accomplished and daring enough to possess that which is truly unique.  

In the very same way, it’s thrilling to create singular products that are made to the highest possible standards. That’s exactly what we do at SRK Pool Services when we design and build our SRK HydroZone 3® pools. No two are exactly alike because each and every one is built to suit the needs of the homeowner, the intended uses, and the physical setting.   

Make no mistake; these are the Ferraris of swimming pools, the highest expression of aquatic design and technology. HydroZone 3 pools are not for everyone, but they are for anyone who demands excellence and perfection.  


The uniqueness of our pools begins with you, the customer. We work only with homeowners and commercial property owners (or their builder or architect) who want the very best and are able and willing to make an investment in bodies of water that define state of the art. We first examine your needs, your desires, and the way you plan on using the water. Is it for exercise, entertaining large groups, or small family gatherings? Is the pool primarily there for aesthetic purposes or will it be used on a daily basis or seasonally?  

We factor in your desired temperature, along with numerous environmental factors such as the prevailing temperatures, wind, sun, and shadow orientations. We design based on soil conditions, architecture of the home, surrounding views, and traffic patterns through the property.  

Client individuality and site conditions drive even the most basic decisions, including the size and shape of the pool, its depth, step and bench configurations, and where it’s located on the property. Design details such as perimeter overflows, vanishing edges, attached spas, automatic pool covers, the lighting design, the materials palette and color scheme, the texture of the interior finish, along with tile, coping, and deck details — all of these decisions are made in service of the client’s goals and the guiding concept of unyielding excellence.  

Then, there is how the system works and how the technology accomplishes your goals. That starts with the water itself. Before we even get to designing the treatment and control systems, we’re thinking about basic hydraulic function: removing the top two inches of water as quickly as possible (via skimmers’ layout and design) and returning water to the pool (often by way of floor or wall returns located near the bottom of the pool and hidden in our special “toe-kick” slot detail).  

We design each plumbing system to handle the desired turnover rate and operate with maximum hydraulic efficiency. That directly involves filter sizing and selection, heater sizing and operation, and how all the valves in the system are configured for ease of operation.  

Artisan Treatment 

All of this sets the stage for the ultimate expression of a HydroZone 3 pool — that being HydroZone 3 water. The water our systems generate and maintain is the best the industry has to offer, bar none. Our combination of ozone, UV, and trace amounts of chlorine, along with water balance monitoring and control, conspire to create water you simply cannot find anywhere else.  

Our systems can be remotely monitored and controlled so that problems are identified and corrected before they impact water quality and bather experience. We also provide service for many of our pools, which is consistent with our unflinching commitment to quality, and we work with clients to develop reliable service regimens that guarantee quality, clean water, and reliable system operation.  

When you combine our almost miraculous level of water quality with pools that have sleek, beautiful designs and are made to accommodate their intended use, then you have something truly special — a HydroZone 3 pool — and that means you will own a shimmering body of water no one else has.  

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