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Perfect Water Quality for All – Idealism or Reality?

I’ve always believed that to make something real, you first have to visualize it. It’s true in most, if not all, aspects of life. Creating a different reality requires seeing it in your mind’s eye. Only then can you begin taking the steps needed to make it real and affect positive change.

That’s why when it comes to the state of recreational water, I’m an unashamed idealist. I’ve devoted my career to providing people with water that is not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing. Yes, it requires technical know-how, but ahead of the science and technology, it’s crucial to believe in the vision.

While the act of imaging based on idealism may seem a romantic or even silly exercise to some cynics, truth be told, we already live in a world overflowing with examples of visions becoming truth. I think of Steve Jobs and how he said imagine a world where you have a music library in your pocket, or you can connect to the internet through your phone, or even a world where everyone has a computer. He imagined those things and many more, which in turn drove the diligence required to develop today’s digital technology and stoked the demand that made those products so successful.

My belief in artisan water stems from the fact that I’ve seen imagination become reality and I’ve seen how it impacts people. It’s a beautiful vision and one that is, I believe, entirely attainable. The only thing holding us back, ultimately, is a reluctance to accept the notion that change is possible. So as we embark on this journey toward aquatic excellence, let’s take a moment to think about what we’re trying to achieve.

Imagine a world where pool water doesn’t smell, where being inside an indoor aquatic facility doesn’t mean enduring the familiar and sometimes overwhelming chloramine odor. Imagine a world where kids don’t need inhalers just to get through a workout, or suffer breathing problems later on.

Imagine a world where pool water is just as reliable as drinking water, where you can be sure that when you or your kids go swimming in a public facility, you know there are standards for overall water quality. It’s a world where water balance, sanitation, and the destruction of disinfection byproducts are a given, where the water never gets so bad that facilities have to be shut down while it’s set right.

Imagine a world where facility owners and managers invest in their brand by way of ensuring water that protects their customers’ health and keeps them wanting to come back for more, where they don’t have to fear a visit from the local health inspector.

Imagine a world where those same managers and owners understand that it’s in their own best interest and the interest of their customers and constituents to invest in quality water treatment.

Imagine a world where no one ever gets sick from using a swimming pool. Where the terms “water-related illness” and “Cryptosporidium” are obsolete. Think about what would happen to the restaurant industry if every time you went out to eat, you had to worry there was a possibility that dining out might make you sick. That’s unthinkable in the restaurant industry, yet, in the world of aquatics, risk of illness is an accepted part of the equation.

Imagine a world where people of all ages can more fully benefit from living an aquatic lifestyle. Think about the benefits to health and fitness, both physical and mental, and how swimming and exercising in water can positively impact the lives of our children, as well as ourselves. When you don’t have to worry about the wholesomeness of the water itself, you’re inevitably far freer to make swimming a part of your routine.

Imagine a world where the health and safety of everyone using pools and spas is safeguarded by a class of professionals, specifically water quality professionals, who have studied the arts and sciences of water chemistry, filtration, hydraulics, and system control.

Imagine a world where the increased demand for aquatic facilities results in new pools being built rather than old ones being abandoned.

Imagine a world where all of these concepts are well established, where excellence in water quality management is the norm and not exceptional.

Of course, as it stands now, we’re a long way from that world. The pool, spa, and aquatics industry does have professionals who think this way, but it’s far from everyone in the business. Likewise, people who own and operate aquatic facilities are often not versed enough in water quality management to appreciate that the resources they devote to maintaining artisan water will pay back multi-fold.

Perhaps the first step in changing the world of aquatics is simply imagining how fortifying it would be if we thought differently about the future. Dreams can become reality if we’re serious about making a positive change. It’s encouraging, too, that it all can start today with just a small dose of imagination.

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