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What Sets SRK Apart – Our Custom Water Systems

I’ve been asked what sets us apart from other pool builders. Why are we so different?   

The short answer is because we are obsessed with excellence and cannot stand mediocrity. We are not pool builders; we are SRK HydroZone 3® designers. Exactly what that means cuts to the heart of how and why we at SRK Pools strive to deliver the absolute best aquatic experience available anywhere!   

HydroZone 3 

HydroZone 3 is the name we’ve given to the pools we design and build, and above all, it’s what we call the water our systems deliver. HydroZone 3 is a design philosophy, an objective; it is not a product, a fad, or a gimmick. We’re not selling equipment. We’re not even really selling swimming pools, at least not in the traditional sense.   

We are providing an experiencehigh performance, seamless reliabilityease of usecraftsmanship and attention to detailintelligent control; and ultra-high-end customization. HydroZone 3 pools are based on applied hard science and technical innovation, all in the service of luxury, pleasure, health, and happiness.  

Defining the difference between what we do and the rest of the pool industry is akin to comparing a customized high-performance sports car to a Yugo. While there is nothing wrong with economy cars, or affordable swimming pools, that’s simply not inside our bandwidth. We are not calibrated for the mediocrity of mass production.  

Instead, we create bodies of water of such fine detail and superior quality that they shatter expectations. We never compromise for the sake of expediency or cost and, yes, HydroZone 3 pools are expensive by comparison to lesser bodies of waterThat’s because we are only interested in the pursuit of utter technical perfection for the most discerning clients, those who are willing to invest in a level of aquatic experience that approaches the realm of art.   

None the Same 

Working on this level is a constant challenge because every project is different and every client is different. HydroZone 3 pools are always being finely tailored to suit the homeowner’s requirements, the home, and the landscape. We adapt each system to the desired temperature, type of intended use, and every conceivable environmental factor, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, prevailing wind patterns, source water conditions, sun exposure, surrounding landscape, and even the presence of pets.  

HydroZone pools are always designed with the most efficient and robust hydraulic systems possible to ensure energy efficient operation, superior filtration, rapid heating, and complete chemical distribution and balance. We use only state-of-the-art automation and control and, of course, the finest ozone and UV treatment systems available – all to deliver the mesmerizing water quality our clients crave and demand.   

Quite simply, we are the people you turn to when you want the best. Why? Because we work to the highest standard in the field of recreational aquatics, bar noneBecause we are obsessed with quality and constantly driven to perfect the end results. Because we stand behind our work and believe in our mission.    

HydroZone 3 pools are not for everybody just like owning a Lamborghini isn’t for everybody. But if you’re looking for the ultimate expression of the aquatic experience, we might just be for you!    

That’s why we are who we are.  

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