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SRK Water Review – From a Collegiate Water Polo Player

Last November, I wrote a blog titled “The Unheard Voice,” in which I featured comments from Max Bass, collegiate water polo player, all-around waterman, and my nephew. My point then was that as pool design and water quality professionals, we would do well to listen to the input from people like Max, who spend a significant portion of their lives in the water and facilities that we design, build, and maintain. As I said then, it’s always been puzzling and frustrating that the voices that should matter most to our industry so often go completely unheard.

It’s an absurd disconnect given the fact that consumer experience, the spectrum of benefits of an aquatic lifestyle, is the reason our industry even exists in the first place. I believe that seeking out the voices of the Max Basses of the world and then actively listening to what they have to say is critical to our success as pool design and water quality professionals. It’s the only way we can accurately zero in on the issues that matter most to the people who use our products. It’s the only way to truly understand their truths about their aquatic experiences.

That’s why for this discussion I’m returning to Max, this time in the form of a video testimonial. We asked him to share his feelings about the importance of water quality, and what he thinks of our SRK HydroZone 3® water. I also asked him to comment on the approach to design, engineering, and water chemistry that results in what we believe is the best pool water quality available. And then, we simply let him share his unfiltered thoughts. As you’ll see, Max is a wonderfully articulate and clear advocate for superior water quality.

Knowing Max his entire life, I can vouch for the fact that everything he says in this clip is the truth as he sees it. Naturally, I’m gratified to hear his comments, and I take it all as both validation of our approach and motivation to continue working to improve pool design and water quality and the aquatic experiences we provide.

I encourage everyone in our industry, as well as our consumers, to listen to these voices whenever and wherever we find them. I believe when we listen with an open mind and open heart, we better understand the importance of what we do as pool design and water quality professionals, and the glorious untapped potential that exists in pristine waters.

Click here to hear what Max has to say.



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