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The Mysterious Pleasure of Bathing – It’s All in the Water

I’m one of those people who is always looking for simple and profound truths, which I think is why I’m so obsessed with water. There’s an intriguing yin and yang to it. On one hand, there’s all the technical, left-brain stuff about technology, science, design, chemistry, fluid dynamics, ergonomics and other technical characteristics of building and maintaining near-perfect bodies of water. 

On the other hand, there’s an almost mystical and mysterious quality to water – one that encompasses the human experience, spirit and psyche. It’s the inspiration for my underwater art photos and the reason I’ve always turned to water – especially the ocean – as a source of recreation and inspiration.  

I’ve immersed myself – literally and figuratively – In the art of bathing for the purpose of physical and mental therapy. This process that has helped me overcome some serious health issues. 

When I look at pools, I see both aspects: the yin and the yang, the aesthetic and the technical, the art and the craft. But the thing that grabs me first is always the water itself. It’s why we’re “there” in the first place. Vanishing edge designs are wonderful, as are so many design elements used to contain and form water – but they all exist to capture and sustain that almost indefinable aquatic magic. 


While it is tough to fit words to that sense of pleasure, wonderment and connection to nature, we do know it when see it. More importantly, we feel it. The complex interplay of light and fluid motion of water reveals its liquid jewel-like quality. It’s something that has inspired great artists, architects, poets and philosophers throughout history. 

It’s why I get so turned on by our company’s work. We make it a declared objective to create that fascinating level of water quality. We do it by designing, building and servicing beautiful pools to contain and maintain the water. There’s a primal quality to this work that can only be achieved by true technical mastery of the many aspects of H2O. In total, I believe it’s a high-art, high-craft and high-reward proposition. 

Like anything, perfection is elusive if not impossible. Creating and sustaining that exciting level of water quality is too complex to ever fully master. But, in seeking perfection, we move in the direction of it – and the results of our journey are infinitely superior to those you learn to live with otherwise. 


Wrangling with complexity of the water quality challenge can only by justified by the results. At SRK Pools, we are providing comprehensive programs to design, renovate, advise and maintain all aspects of swimming pool operation. We’re currently working with numerous ultra-high-end clients across the residential and commercial spectrums to provide comprehensive services that are all aimed at a singular goal – to create water that is sensual, invigorating and (I dare say) inspiring. 

As I’ve said before, this is not for everybody. And you don’t have to go to the lengths we employ to have some enjoyment of water. After all, even the most modest pools will provide a modicum of the pleasure I’m describing. 

But for those who insist on taking (and can afford to take) water quality to the level of art, that’s what SRK is here for. We don’t stop until that perfect water quality is achieved and sustainable even under high bather load conditions or other factors that might compromise water quality. 

If, for example, a team of grimy little leaguers jump in the pool all at the same time, our automated chemical monitoring and treatment technology adjusts to meet the sanitizing and oxidizing demands. If there’s a sudden shift in fill-water chemistry – an extremely common occurrence – again we have the systems and routines in place to adjust. 

In most cases, the clients don’t even realize anything has happened at all. All they experience and know is that the water itself is one of the most beautiful and inviting things they’ve ever seen and felt. 

Ultimately, it really is all about the water. That says it all.  

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